About Me

I grew up in Fairmont, WV (home of Nick Saban, Mary Lou Retton, and the pepperoni roll). When it came time to go to college, I chose to attend Marshall University. I graduated in May 2007 with my BS in Computer & Information Technology (the equivalent of Computer Science at Marshall when I first enrolled) with a minor in Mathematics. After working profesionally for three years, I decided to pursue a master's degree fulltime. I taught classes as a graduate teaching assistant for two years at West Virginia University. In May 2012 I received my MS in Computer Science majoring in both Knowledge/Software Engineering and Theory of Computing.

My experience with software development started in 1998 when I first started creating webpages with plain HTML by crudely reverse engineering public websites. In 1999 I started learning and programming Perl. In 2002 I launched NPScripts.com while I was still in high school, although development was pretty much abandoned during my early college years.

These days I am the father to a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Marco. He is named after Marshall University's mascot since his breed is part of the (thundering) herding class.


Aside from my obvious interest in computer programming, I am also obsessed with video games and electronic music. On my computer, I am usually tuned to a station on Digitally Imported. In the past couple years I have started collecting and mixing happy hardcore and drum & bass (on both vinyl and CDs). It is one of my most enjoyable hobbies that I really wish I would stick to more than I usually do.

I love following college sports, especially football and basketball for both schools of which I am an alumnus (with a strong preference for Marshall when it comes to arguments). On the professional level I follow the NFL and MLB more than anything else (Packers and Pirates). I religiously follow NASCAR. Oh, and yes, I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a big pro wrestling fan...

I also enjoy movies that are either really good or just plain awful. I love real art as well as pure cheese.